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La Maison Inondée

$ 24.00

LA MAISON INONDEE (the Flooded House) BOWL.

"The soup is rising. Soon it will reach the house on the hill. Save it before it floods!"

This storyline is the inspiration behind the flooded house porcelain bowl, created by New York-based French artist Patrick Martinez, Director of Blank Bubble Product Design Company. It's time to turn dinner time into story time. The small size is perfect for children or as a nut dish. The larger one makes a spectacular centerpiece.

This bowl is also available for purchase from MoMA Design Stores.

Discover the story "A strange place", written by Patrick Martinez, about La Maison Inondée, on the "La Maison Inondée Story" part of the website.

Product Details:

  • Made with porcelain
  • 7 or 10" in diameter 
  • Comes in white or green
  • Dishwasher safe 

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