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La Maison Inondée bowl featured on Rebates Zone

We wanted to thank Rebates Zone for including La Maison Inondée in their gift guide for Christmas! Check it out here:

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AMERS: Biennale Art & Nature sur l' Ile d'Oleron, France.

See POTAJIX* in progress:   *POTAJIX is the title of a collaborative piece between artists Patrick Martinez and Michel Blazy .

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"Wow. An entire hallway made with drinking straws...? I think we're in the right place."  This is how Brian Finch, the character played by Jake McDorman, reacts as entering the tunnel made with JIX connectors and straws, in the Season Finale (Part One) of the CBS TV Series LIMITLESS.     Watch How Limitless Turned 27,625 Straws Into The Ultimate Party Trick Actually, there was one other way to make it all happen: harnessing the creative powers of artist Patrick Martinez and the logistical wizardry of Limitless Production Designer Sarah Frank. Frank explained how they turned this NZT fantasy into a reality, along with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video showing how...

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