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Tree House Project: THE SHIP

The Ship is a multi level playhouse comprising a wooden parallelepiped structure of approximately 4'X 9'X 5', open on both ends,  and a deck on the upper level, accessible through a trap- door. The upper level platform is secured by a wood beam structure supporting the whole tree house structure. It also plays the role of a balcony . On the lower level, a galvanized steel slide pole installed on the outside platform allows to exit the tree house. The total height of the structure is approximately 12 feet.

Other accessories can be added to the final design such as a trap door to go up onto the second level platform, a pulley to hoist a bucket and horizontal galvanized steel rods on one of the supporting poles in order to facilitate the access to the first level of the tree house.


More about the Tree House Projects:

The Tree House projects corresponds to a general desire to design living spaces of small dimensions and adapted to specific needs: rest, eat, work, play...

One essential element is the idea that the foundation upon which these buildings originate is no longer the land - the mineral element that is usually equated with the idea of stability - but the tree, a living organism which one is obliged to consider and that requires some form of responsibility. And then, there is the thrill of rising above...

Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to design and build your exclusive retreat above ground level.