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Founder Blank Bubble, Martinez


About Blank Bubble

The product design company Blank Bubble creates objects that offer sensory experiences, and reflect a concern for the notions of displacement, shift of perspective, economy, process, adaptation and/ or resistance.

About the Founder

Visual artist, Patrick Martinez, grew up in France. He studied at the Fine Art School of Besançon and Grenoble (Ecole des Beaux Arts) and at the Institute of High Studies in Visual Arts in Paris (Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques). In 1997, he received a grant to work in Tokyo, Japan, where he stayed for over two years before settling in New York.

For over twenty years, Patrick has been creating drawings, sculptures, installations and videos that demonstrate his ideas on space, process, changing perspective. His work investigates the relationship between the object and its context of production and presentation. His interest in product design manifests from his artistic practice and stems from questioning the status of objects. Patrick’s work has been exhibited in Europe, Brazil, Canada, Japan and the USA. His work represented in New York by Parker’s box gallery.