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The inner glow for walls.

Blush is an ambient lamp that glows through the surface of the wall. 

It is designed to be embedded in most plaster walls. 

The current version of the lamp is a blurred pink circle of light of 27 inches in diameter, integrated into a sealed box made of plywood and plexiglass whose dimensions are approximately 41" X41" X 2".

The lamp uses electroluminescent light technology * which meets the UL requirements.
A fader allows the user to adjust the intensity and the speed of the light sequence.

The lamp can also be custom made to meet any desire in terms of shape and color. 

Please contact us for details and orders. We will be happy to work with you on a specific project.

Price $5,000.00 + shipping and installation costs** 

Professional Runner-up in the 2012 Core77 Design Awards

* Benefits of electroluminescent light: 
It is highly visible in darkness and have low power consumption. It is effective and maintenance free. There is no filament to break and it does not burn out suddenly. It is cold to touch and light-weight, shock proof and not affected by vibration. It continues to operate, even if punctured and does not contain hazardous materials.
** The shipping and installation costs will vary depending on each situation.
Due to the unusual nature of the lamp and for an optimized result, we strongly recommend to have it installed by a licensed electrician and an experienced contractor.
For orders placed outside of New York, you will be responsible for finding your own contractor. However, we will provide the installation instructions and will be available to assist you during the process.
If ordered in the New York area, we can help you find a contractor and we can also take care of the installation ourselves.